RELEASE DATE: 23/11/18

After a first album rich in encounters and travels, Abakan is back at the end of the year with a new track distributed by Active Records.

The song speaks of the way in which, today, we communicate or exchange.

At a time when we are over-connected, or the information goes so fast, we communicate in the end, mainly through machines, losing by the way, a little of our humanity.

The song gives no moral lesson, but simply in- fuses the desire to find a little more human in our exchanges.
Musically, the track takes the bases of the first album, with an omnipresent groove.



Growing up near Paris, Abakan musical enlight- enment came from listening to Earth, Wind and Fire and George Benson’s vocal madness from morning till night.

His love for music came early on thanks to a musician/singer father who fortunately intro- duced him to everyone from Toto to Al Jarreau.

This was the beginning of an initiatory journey marked by names like such as Phil, Curtis, Chaka, George, James, Michael or Al…

“When others were dreaming of being the hero of the movie, I was only dreaming being the soundtrack”

In 2014, released his 1st album titled « A New man » . A first, organic album, with a live feel. A mixture of influences without compromise. Char- acterized by many rich collaborations..

He composed all the songs and will have the chance to play them on famous Parisian stages
like New Morning or Bellevilloise.

In 2016, his music traveled during a mini Asian tour between Manila and Singapore.

In 2018, it is at Active Records that Abakan comes back to us, with a new single enti- tled “The People” and will be released on 23/11/2018.