Going Somewhere

Paroles : Crystal Petit
Musique / Chant : David Abakan
Arrangements : David Abakan / Jonny Tobin
Claviers: Jonny Tobin
Mixage & mastering : David Abakan
Artwork: Emmannuel Bardouil / Design by Shmoo

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Date de sortie : 11 September 2020

Dans cette période si particulière, notre façon de vivre a changé et plus que jamais, notre désir de liberté et d'insouciance se fait ressentir, mais notre imaginaire peut nous aider à dépasser toutes sortes de limites, afin de laisser notre cœur et notre esprit, voyager. 🚀


Something in me said
“Time waits for no one”
Look what lies ahead
The moment for us
Has come

I want a world that’s better
And now I realize
us right here
We’re in this thing together
Come and take a ride

Everything we need is back in the car
All we really need comes straight from the heart
Tired of doin’ the same thing
And going nowhere

Did you ever think we’d take it this far?
Ridin’ in the sun and followin’ stars
Letting go of the routine
But going somewhere

Something new awoke
For the 1st time
The vision was so clear
For the 1st time

Never a better season
To change our lives



"The new track Going Somewhere by Abakan is pure energy. The beat and the flow are perfectly combined. This song immediately brings you in a good mood. Abakan, great job! We will push this in Milan !!!"

"What delicious music! Hot to hear, makes you want to listen again in the sequence. Congratulations, this is rare for me since I listen to music daily."

Journalist, presenter, curator, screenwriter and music researcher. Presents the radio show FARO for nine years in Rio de Janeiro

"The song is very nice. It brings to mind immediate references to bands like The Bee Gees and Commodores."

Contributor to various publications such as Rolling Stone Colombia, Arcadia Magazine

"What's not to like here??? Brilianly thought out visuals for a well-arranged, written, mixed and mastered banger. Butter smooth sounds that hark back to the Pendergrass or White era when soul was soul. David Abakan's vocals stick to the flowing production like glue. The OG sounds juxtapose nicely with the futuristic/hyper realistic visuals (shouts to Emmanuel Bardouil!). Uffff. This is good stuff. I would play on the radio for sure. An absolutely great sound. I like, I like. 10 out of 10 from me. <3 "

Prague-based broadcaster, manager

It's an amazing song. Sounds a little bit like John Mayer vibes (and this is a very good thing). Congratulations for the work. The song is well produced too and seems perfect to hear in a car!

"Loved your music, it has a really good vibe! I loved the video, it has a really great aesthetic. Really loved it. matched perfectly with the great music! "

"Excellent! The music has a catchy, modern feel to it, and I was fascinated by it. "

"Hello Abakan, we LOVE your music. 'Going Somewhere' sounded really amazing to me. In fact, I listened to the song about 5 times because I got hooked right away. The dynamics, production and lyricism of the track seemed very intimate and original. Congratulations, your art deserves the world. "

"what a beautiful vocals. Amazing sound and mood too! we're happy to support you 🙂 "

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