A new man

Lyrics : Crystal Petit, Ophélie Mbouh, Raphaële Atlan
Music / Lead : David Abakan
Featuring : HkB FiNN, Raphaële Atlan, goldey, Dalila
Arrangements & Mixing : David Abakan, Goldey Simon, Boris Duvigneau
Guitar. : Arnaud mesuil, Nyr Raymon
Keyboards : Goldey Simon, Fred Dupont
Bass : Jego, Rubens Levy
Mixing & Mastering : Pascal Lafa
Artwork: Olivier Ainouz

Co-Production : Milesfender / LalaRecords

Release date : October 2014

A mixture of influences soul / hiphop / pop without compromise. Under the sign of sharing with many collaborations : Goldey, Thomas Faure (Electro Deluxe), Crystal Petit, Nyr Raymond, Raphaële Atlan, Hkb Finn, Dalila...

The first single is called a recurring theme, but that perfectly illustrates how this album was created. The "Let Go", allow yourself to be happy and live life to the fullest.


To say that we liked this album is a sweet euphemism. If you follow us a bit, you know this isn't the first time we've talked to you about Abakan.

We've relayed his videos and we've been looking forward to this album with the greatest impatience. It's good not to be disappointed! That's Soul the way we like it. The groove is incredible and the instruments are at the service of the song.

First song, first slap. A fiery bass and terribly fine drums form an ideal carpet for the rightly dosed vocals. And then there's this little piano and organ release at the end of the song, original, well felt. On Keep Up The Faith, the artist has the good idea to invite Raphaële Atlan.

The vocals on Keep Up The Faith are a delightful mix of gentle, inspired vocals. The track then gets carried away and ends on a fearsome saxophone and groove sequence.

Beyond a terrible groove, this album shines by its realization. The balance is maintained at all times, Abakan loves each of the instruments. The drums have plenty of room to show off their finesse, the bass offers us lines with multiple arabesques, the keyboards are discreet but indispensable.

To listen to a headphone on the ears to find all the ghost notes. Yes, the strength of this album is there. It shows effective melodies but above all it shows great finesse. Each track has been chiselled with love, it can be heard. A work of goldsmith!

The favorite of the month!

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