Lonely Place

Lyrics : Crystal Petit
Music / Lead : David Abakan
Arrangements & Mixing : David Abakan
Guitar. : Christophe Pinheiro
Keyboards : Jonny Tobin / Goldey Simon
Bass : Rubens Levy
Mastering : Andres Mayo
Artwork: Design by Shmoo

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Release date : April 17 2020

Although blocked and confined, we were able to collaborate from Vancouver to Tel Aviv via Paris on a pop, funky track, reminiscent of the cultural references of the 80s. 👾

The sound of the keyboards or the graphic aspect of some games from our childhood. I hope it makes you smile. 🙌


Don’t be afraid
Gotta stop pretending you don’t have a place
I know you, ya wanna hide
But instead of runnin’ feed that fire inside

‘Cause here is where it all goes down
Your fate is catching up with you
Ya can’t fool time
Gotta cross that line

You don’t have to stay yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
In that lonely place

(This is yo’ time
Don’t you rewind
From that lonely place)

Just walk away yeah yeah yeah yeah
From that lonely place

See the world from different eyes
The way
You hypnotize them all
Another side
Yesterday’s disguise

Never have to stay away yeah yeah yeah yeah
In that lonely place
Just walk away yeah yeah yeah yeah
From that lonely place

Cause now you gotta take the mask off
And let us see who you really are
A different show and a different part
Get back, get back, to the queen you are


"A cool sound!"

"Very very cool graphic universe! We validate! Bravo for the clip, it's hot! We're fans of the song too, always such a beautiful voice, we love what you do."

"Very successful, groovy and full of good vibes, you get caught up in it."

''Lonely Place'' is an amazing track."

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